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NLMK Group invites partners for implementing innovative projects

NLMK Group
invites partners
for implementing innovative
by numbers
70countries import NLMK products
$3.6 bnEBITDA, as of 2018 year-end
$12.7bninvestments for innovations over the past 10 years
20sites in 7 countries
Which partners
we look for
Efficiency New steelmaking products and technologies efficiency New steelmaking products and technologies Increasing process efficiency, new products and services, powder metallurgy
Productivity Repair technologies productivity Repair technologies New materials and processes for equipment performance improvement, increasing repair efficiency
IT & Digital Digital solutions and data science it & digital Digital solutions and data science Data analysis, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, blockchain, IoT
Energy and environment Energy and environment energy and environment Energy and environment Energy storage process, low-grade heat recovery, projects on environment and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
Management Improving business processes management Improving business processes Solutions for customer service improvement, developmpent of personnel and labour safety, logistics optimization, increasing procurement efficiency
Do you have
an innovative project?
What we offer
  • Ability to conduct industrial testing of your products / technologies at NLMK Group production sites around the world
  • Project expertise and quality feedback from the company's experts
  • A real project with one of the largest and most efficient steel companies in the world
  • Fast and convenient mechanism for working with the corporation
10+kinnovative projects got into the pipeline
500+projects went through
expert elaboration
100+projects in pilot phase
Cooperation stages
1. Filling out and reviewing a request
Fill out a request. We will review it and you will have our feedback within 14 days.
2. Elaborating project concept
You will take part in shaping a concept together with NLMK team. At this stage we will assess the potential of the solution proposed by you and its use for the Company.
3. Pilot project start-up
After the concept is elaborated we gather a project team and start up a Pilot Project. If the pilot projects proves to be efficient we may deploy a full-scale project and keep your partnership with NLMK.
Are you ready to cooperate with NLMK Group?
Fill out the form with the data on the solution you propose. We will review it
in 2 weeks and contact you.
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